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icons made by MANTH

and boy do they suck ;)

icons, icons and more icons
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this is my own little icon community. frequent posts of.. what else? icons. christina aguilera is my muse of choice, but there may be random times where i'll make icons of someone / something else.

[x] requests:
i take requests, but only at specific times. i'll update it when i've got the time to do a few. i usually take about five or six requests at a time.. but it really depends on my mood. leave me your aim screenname or your email address so i can contact you about the icon(s), but when making a request.. be as specific as you can. tell me what colors or fonts or effects you want, and please post the picture(s) you want made into the icon. but if you want to request an icon made of britney spears... you have to catch me on a really
really good day.

[x] sharing:
since this is a journal for (hopefully) lots of people to view, you must be willing to share icons. that is, unless, i make them specifically for you. once i know you have them saved, i'll delete them off my server or delete the post altogehter.

[x] taking:
comment with the number of the icon you want to use. i'll never update more than 20 at a time, and each one will be numbered.

[x] credit:
since i made the icon, i'd like credit in the keywords. either for this journal simply_icons or my own personal journal unperfect_. most of the time, i will check. ;)

[x] feedback:
it's always appreciated! i'm not new to making icons, but i'm always open to someone else's constructive critizism. if you think an icon would look better in a different way, suggest it to me. please.

[x] contact:
my aim screenname is
pure boovman and my email address is pureboovman@aol.com. don't ask where the name came from, ;). if you need anything, contact me there.